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Terms & Conditions. 1) Any returns can be accepted if they are in same condition as supplied in original packing within 15 days. Please read RMA return policy. 2) Return freight will be paid by buyer, 3) Only credit will be issued which can be adjusted in future buying. 4) Any tampering, upgradation from normal use will cease all the warranty terms. 5) Parts supplied to countries like main land china (including Hongkong), will bear no guarantee or warranty.. 6) Any commercial product used for military equipments without proper technical backup will lead to cancellation of warranty. 7) All products supplied are to be used as per manufacturer's specification. 8) We are not responsible for any damage in freight. 9) We will be insuring all the parcels unless you provide your own insurance. For that there will be extra charge upon your approval if required. 10) All parts have 15 days warranty if used in right working equipment or production line. Any rejection to your own faulty or defective machine, which may lead to damage of our supplied parts will lead to cancellation of terms and its on our sole discretion to take parts back. 11) All orders are on NC/NR basis 12) Freight will be added finally as per actuals as it is hard to calculate freight on various option/various packing/various countries/various sizes and various priorities. 13) Restricted countries and countries falling under export control regulation will not be supplied with parts and their amount will be refunded back by way of company check or draft. 14) All disputes subject to Ontario , Canada Jurisdiction. 15) No private third party, groups, associations or affiliations will be involved in any kind of dispute with exception of recognized test house and their reports based on manufacturer's specification and recommendations. 16) Shipping time is usually 2 to 7 days depending on the location of stock. 17) is not responsible for the accuracy or validity of the information displayed on the this site and assumes no liability for losses incurred in the use or application of the data contained therein. shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether based on contract, tort, or any other legal theory, arising out of the use of any information, data or materials provided herein. Special Terms for all buyers: · We sell only manufacturer original parts, No commercial or industrial grade parts shall be decapped or tested for military applications. · Any illegal use of commercial parts for military application/s, or aviation application will void all our warranty terms. Any direct or indirect usage or attempt to approve commercial or industrial grade parts for military application with the convenience of test house or testing facility will void all the terms and buyer or its agent will be solely responsible for consequences. Any kind of military test on commercial or industrial grade parts , including visual, temperature, vibration, hazardous , chemical, which are not prescribed by its original manufacturer or even otherwise, will lead to cancellation of terms, warranty and buyer will be notified to relevant authorities and its original manufacturer for attempted illegal usage of product. Buyer shall be solely responsible for such practices even if it is not in his/her knowledge, which might have occurred due to its end user or further customer. In such event buyer will be required to furnish all the details of its customer and application.
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